Meaning of numbers: Numerology

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of numbers is? Surely you have asked yourself this question after dreaming of them or simply out of curiosity, but like names, numbers have a very diverse interpretation for each of the civilizations, societies and cultures, and that today, they help us to predict events, solve problems, make calculations, understand where we come from, how we relate to them, how they define our personality and many more things. From this website we are going to explain the true meaning of numbers, their interpretations, their history and origins, as well as everything related to them in order to understand them.

Numerology: the meaning of numbers

Discover the power of numbers in our life.

Numbers have always been very close to us since thanks to them we can know the date of birth of each one, their weight, height and infinity of quantifiable things but the most surprising of all is that thanks to them there are secrets and meanings that many of us do not know and that we want to expose from here. Although you may not know it, each of us has an associated number, just as you can have your lucky number. This number can be obtained by summing the numbers of your date of birth and the remaining value can help us predict future events, past events but we will talk about this topic in greater depth later.

Knowing how to understand numbers will also help us understand our situation, our life, our current situation and be able to face problems with more strength. Numbers surround us and are present in all our acts and above all, they affect and influence our decisions and our personality, so knowing them, at least the basics, can make our lives much more pleasant and easy. Even if you do not believe in these things, it happens like in 'feng shui', that by circumstance or intuition you usually place objects in the house or office to help you be more productive or to let the energy flow and avoid the negative energy of things to stop.

"It is very likely that you have dreamed of a number or combination, as happens in the lottery, and the next morning you will have wondered about its meaning or simply written it down to buy a ticket with that ending or combination of numbers just in case. This is a common chaos and we will also explain why it happens and its meaning. Sometimes, you will have experienced that numbers follow you, either when you look at the clock or when you walk down the street and look at a license plate or the number of a building and the same number always repeats, this also has its interpretation and meaning that we will explain in a special article.

Numerology: The Science of Numbers

Numerología: ciencia de los números

Understanding and knowing how to appreciate the value and meaning of a digit will make you wiser and more powerful, discover numerology.

Numerology is understood as the study of the meaning of numbers and their relationship with everything around us. It is a science, little known by many, used by tarot readers and astrologers to relate to the numbers and give explanations or solve existential problems. Different techniques are usually used to obtain the number associated with each of us and with it we can understand our love situation or how to improve in love, our work situation or how we are doing in life. Our number also usually indicates or explains our function in the world as well as what life has in store for us in terms of luck, health, etc., as it happens in the horoscope.

Numerology provides us with information about the meaning of the numbers and gives us, and even reveals, traits of the personality of each one of us, which surprises more than one of us. Each number is a symbol that evokes an energy, which in turn has connotations in our lives and those around us. Do you dare to discover its meaning?

There is a great variety of numerological systems, which we will also explain in detail, but the best known or most accepted are the Pythagorean numerology and that of the Hebrew Kabbalah, also known as Gematria. In the case of Pythagoric numerology, letters are usually given a numerical value to later make comparisons and calculations in search of a meaning, while Gematria has been used mainly for the study of the Bible through the Hebrew alphabet where each letter has three different representations:

  • A hieroglyph
  • A number according to its place in the alphabet using anumerology chart
  • An idea

The combination of the three representations gave the value or meaning of a word or name. The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet also have a lot of relationship with the Major Arcana of the Tarot as well as the 22 paths of the Cabalistic Tree of Life. In order to explain them in more detail and be able to understand them more clearly, we will be publishing different articles focusing on these two aspects and other types of numerology such as:

  • Tantric numerology
  • Biblical Numerology
  • Pythagorean numerology
  • Astral numerology

Master numbers and their meaning

In numerology, what is done is to reduce all numbers of several digits to only one, from 1 to 9, except for the so-called master numbers which are 11, 22 and 33. Not all people have these numbers in their name or date of birth, so they are attributed a meaning of their own and a series of properties different from those of the basic numbers. For many students of numerology, these numbers have a presence much higher than all others and even above material things. For many experts on the subject, master numbers are not only those mentioned but also all those that have identical double digits, such as 44, 55 and so on.

Numerology: science of numbers

Discover the power hidden in the three master numbers of numerology.

The case of the number 11, its power arises from the fact that it has duplicated the characteristics and personality of the number 1 and if we reduce it to a single digit (11 = 1 + 1 = 2) we obtain the number 2. What happens is that the powerful masculine energy, that of Zeus, is being combined with the feminine energy, that of Hera. Two numbers and energies that are at opposite poles but their combination eclipses the rest of the basic numbers obtained from the reduction of any combination (from 3 to 9). The number 11 symbolizes the union of an unstoppable force with the supremacy of a goddess, the mortal and the immortal, the darkness and the light.

In the case of the number 22, the same happens since it combines the double feminine intuitive capacity thanks to the number 2 but also the ability to make dreams come true, evoking the material world. The goals set are high, with clear objectives but with the need to always carry them out with both feet on the ground.

The number 33 combines two powers, expression and realization and where its reduction to a single digit (33 = 3 + 3 = 6) we obtain the number 6 as a symbol of tutor or master. The 33 symbolizes the final stage of spiritual evolution and the elevation of others towards enlightenment or the eternal.

Basic numbers

Números básicos
They are the numbers that are worked on in numerology and that do not include the master numbers, 11, 22 and 33. The basic numbers are those from 1 to 9 without counting 0 as it is not considered a vibration. Each person usually has several numbers, obtained from simple mathematical operations playing with the date of birth, the name and surnames, we find out what numerical vibration we possess or defines our personality and luck in life.
Know the meaning of basic numbers
Meaning of 1 Meaning of 4 Meaning of 7
Meaning of 2 Meaning of 5 Meaning of 8
Meaning of 3 Meaning of 6 Meaning of 9

The numbers of love

With the love number you can know how you are in love, with which people you have the greatest affinity to create a couple, the compatibility between couples as well as everything you need to be a better person. It can also reveal or reveal possible marital problems and be able to solve them. There are different methods or ways to calculate your love number:

  • Using your first and last name and converting the letters into numbers using the correspondence table, we obtain a basic number that can define us in love.
  • Using only the day of birth and reducing it to a single digit.
  • Using the date of birth and reducing it to a single digit to obtain your number.

Calculate your love number.

The numbers of life

The life number or also called personal or destiny number, is the number that is assigned to us through our date of birth and that defines us at the same time as it shows us the main characteristics of our character. This number also shows us the purpose that we have in the world as well as everything that life has reserved for us. Through the life or personal number, we can obtain the personal year. The idea is based on the fact that our lives are divided into cycles of 9 years where each of them has a different vibration or energy to help us both personally and professionally and that is calculated by adding the year that we want to know to the life number.

Calculate your life number.
Calculate the personal year.

What can I find out with the numbers?

The number that we have assigned through our date of birth or with the name, emits vibrations within us in the form of energy and this happens in each material element. This mystical relationship between numbers, living and spiritual beings makes sense of many of the things that happen to us, have happened to us or are yet to come, but for this we must understand them and know how to manage them.

What can I find out with the numbers?

What can I find out with the numbers?.

Knowing the numbers and their meanings will allow you to know yourself much better, know your personality and understand how to act in certain circumstances. It will also help you have a more accurate view of your love situation and how it will continue in the future as well as your work situation and possible job improvements. You can also know, discover and understand the reactions you have as well as the internal feelings, your relationship with other people, the personality you show and many more things that you can gradually discover on this website and that we will tell you about and that have to do with numbers such as the Roman numeration and its meaning, the triple numbers, etc.

Each number represents a vibration, an energy that emanates from within us and that affects our way of acting, our feelings and personality. The numbers that are usually worked with go from 1 to 9 and also the so-called master numbers that we have mentioned. The numeric language is obtained from our date of birth and the full name and through a combination, based on certain rules, we obtain a numeric value that defines us with a vibrational charge that defines us as people.

Are you finding it interesting? Do you want to know more about the numbers? You can learn much more from them and for that I encourage you to do it with me.

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