Write numbers to words

Do you want to know how to write numbers in letters? If so, you have come to the perfect place where I will teach you to write those digits that you look for in the correct letters so that you do not make mistakes or make spelling mistakes when writing them. Knowing how to write them is very important because, although it is most likely that when you have to write them somewhere you will do it in their numeric format, it will always serve you to know how to write them... just in case, right?

Now you will be able to know how to convert numbers into letters. I will try to do it in a fun way so that you can learn how to write them as well as when to write a number with letters or digits.

Learn to write numbers in letters

To be honest, there is no secret and it is really easy to learn how to write numbers in letters in Spanish. The figures we write are done with the Arabic numeral system, which is quite different from the Roman numerals, and are built by combining 10 basic signs that I present to you here: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. But now learn how to write them in letters:

When to write a number with digits or letters?

Surely you have wondered at some point when a number should be written in digits or letters. Reading any articles we find the digits written sometimes by digits and others in letters and that is what I want to explain, the rules or guidelines to do it correctly.

The truth is that it depends a lot on the texts that are written and the format. As a general rule, the most scientific and technical texts, the numbers are usually written in digits as well as the titles and subtitles. This is because using digits is much more concise, clear and facilitates reading.

Numbers are preferably written with digits

  • All those digits that require four or more words for their writing as can happen with: 1,250 €
  • All numbers greater than nine: 10, 11...
  • All those digits that express prices, number of pages, population number, verses, street numbers, houses, squares, etc...
  • Numbers are also used for laws, decrees and codes.
  • Numbers indicating years.
  • The numbers of roads as well as urban roads.
  • All those digits that have an integer part and another decimal such as: 3.5 kg.
  • Numbers that come out in formulas of all kinds.
  • Those digits that refer to units of measure such as temperature.
  • The digits that act as a noun in any sentence or indicate a caliber: the number 666 is cursed - room 23.
  • Any number that quantifies a list or column.

Numbers are preferably written with letters

  • Numbers are preferably written with letters
  • Numbers that can be written in one word: nine, eight ...
  • Round numbers that are written in two words like three thousand ...
  • All digits below fifty that can be written in two words; eighty-two ...
  • When the number appears in non-technical texts or refers to some of the lists we have mentioned previously where numbers are written with digits: in total there are fifteen liters of water.
  • Fractions that are not in mathematical context.
  • Digits expressing approximate quantities such as: I know him for thirty years.
  • Any number that is in a historical date: May two ...
  • The digits that appear in the letters: three of spades.