What are they and what is the meaning of master numbers

Master numbers in numerology stand out above basic numbers because they have a higher vibration, and if you possess one in your name or birth date, it means that your spirit or personality has evolved thanks to the experiences acquired during your life, and that you deeply understand the true meaning of life and its purpose based on self-understanding from within and helping others without expecting anything in return and without conditions.

What are the master numbers?

Numerology aims to give meaning to everything that surrounds us and ourselves through numbers, and for that it is based on the basic numbers that range from 1 to 9. When calculating the number that belongs to us, many times we get a two-digit digit that we must reduce to one. If before performing the last sum the numbers we have are 11, 22 or 33, we do not have to reduce them, since they are master numbers.

These numbers have unique properties, characteristics and meaning that make them different from the others. These numbers are as follows:

Master number 11

The number 11 (eleven or double 1) makes the personality and character of a 1 double as well as its energy. If we reduce the 11 to a single digit we obtain the 2 (11=1+1=2) with which we obtain the perfect combination of the highest masculine energy that is concentrated in the 1 (Zeus) with the highest feminine energy that is found in the two (Hera). This union means that the energy emanating from the eleven exceeds any other numbering despite the fact that the energies of 1 and 2 are totally opposite.

People who have an 11 are cunning, intuitive, very energetic and aggressive. The eleven also symbolizes the union of two forces that take the highest to those who have it.

Master number 22

The 22 evokes a double feminine energy with a great intuitive capacity. They are usually people who take their dreams to reality so they are constant in their projects and with very clear ideas. They tend to be generous, organized and with an exemplary discipline that allows them to reach wherever they want.

Master number 33

The 33 symbolizes the union of two threes, which is the same as the union of the powers of expression and realization. Reduction of thirty-three we obtain 6 (33=3+3=6) which symbolizes the tutor or teacher where its essence represents the last stage of the spiritual evolution of a person is why it is attributed to the age of Christ who sacrificed himself for us.

What does it imply to be a master number?

To possess one of these digits implies a certain responsibility and moral obligation since you have to respond to the superior vibration emanating from them. There are people who do not know how to cope with such responsibility and simply live with the energy of a basic number, but those who know how to manage such energy, their actions and deeds tend to stand out and be more relevant than those of others.

It must be understood that the motivations that move these people will not always be understood by others, and that is why they sometimes feel alone or decide to embark on projects or actions without the help of anyone. This symbolizes that those with a master number are those who feel an inner energy that tells them or calls them to do relevant actions without expecting anything in return. In this sense, their moral and spiritual demands must not waver, to detach themselves from the material and think of others.

All the actions and deeds carried out by these people do not go unnoticed in their lives or later, as they acquire a notable social relevance. Knowing one of these people implies fresh air in anyone's life, so if you notice this sensation or vibration in a person, do not stay away from them!

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